Things to Remember to Prevent Locksmith Scam


Without the presence of a locksmith, it will be hard for us to fix our locks and keys alone. Locking yourself out of the car, office, or home is embarrassing, stressful, and sometimes dangerous.

Locksmiths are people who obtain specific traits to deliver quality-based service. Hence, several individuals take advantage of being a locksmith. It is best to be knowledgeable to avoid being hooked by a false locksmith. 

Let’s look at some points on how to avoid locksmith scams.

Look for a reputable business tag

To avoid being scammed by a fake locksmith is to look at their business name. A legitimate locksmith usually based their company names on a family name or looked for a neighboring locksmith. 

Check their website

Most scammers fake their identity, so it is best to double their identity on the internet to read reviews, comments, and testimonials about their service. 

Be attentive to how they talk on the phone

Fake locksmiths usually answer the phone call with generic openings such as “locksmith services?” instead of saying their business name. 

Ask specific rate or quote range

Legal locksmiths can give you a specific price range on the spot. While scammers answer you with, works start at X dollars and up. In this case, you have to be vigilant about dealing with them. In addition, scammers tend to call back and give you a lower rate if you won’t agree to hire them.

Ask for identification

It is best to ask about their identification. Ensure that the name matches the company name. Make sure that their business name contains the license number.

Look if they use a business vehicle

Most scammers arrive with their car in the location. Make sure that their service vehicles contain the name of their company that matches their identity cards. 

The response time is slow

If it takes them hours to get to your location, though, they told you to be around within 10 to 20 minutes; you should be wary. 

Support in your local locksmith

The best way to combat locksmith scams is by hiring a local locksmith around your area. For example, hiring a professional that is just around your neighborhood to ensure credibility and authenticity. 

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