When Should I Change My Door Locks?


Locks are our first line of defense against robbery and burglary. A faulty door and broken window is the most common entry point of robbers. Hence, locks are our defense. It must be a serious concern. 

Robbers are smart people chasing our daily routine and get a chance to break into our property in just one snap. It is best to keep ourselves, our homes, properties, and other valuables safe at all times, for we don’t know how and when they attack a property. 

What are the things we should consider in improving our security measures? How to know when to change our locks?

You are moving into a new place

When you move into a new place or office, it is best to change your door locks immediately. By doing so, you will lessen the chance of unwanted break-ins. You will never know who has access in your place. 

Someone moves out

When someone moves out into a house or office, changing your door locks becomes necessary. Especially if they have a spare key that can still access your property. It’s always better to be sure. 

After a break-in

If you experience a break-in changing your door locks is a smart move. A damaged lock is more prone to additional break-ins. This idea might be a chance to improve your security measures to avoid extra damage and losses. 

After losing your keys

If your keys are lost or stolen, it is time to change your locks as soon as possible. It’s better to take early measures to defend your property in case of a physical attack. It’s always best to be on guard than to regret later. 

Your locks are old

Locks do weaken due to time. It can become old, rotten, and tear. Old locks that are worn out become vulnerable for break-ins. It can be easy for robbers to sneak in. If it’s been a while, go and change them for your peace and safety. 

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