What is the Difference between Lock Rekeying and Lock Replacement?


Part of maintaining your property is by ensuring the quality of your locks to avoid robbery and damage. Sometimes it confuses us with the vast choices on how to improve our security systems. May it be in our homes, cars, and business commercials. 

One of the things we look into in upgrading our security is by changing our locks. How do you know which option is best between rekeying vs. changing locks?

What is the difference between rekeying and replacement?


Rekeying means maintaining the same lock but exchanging the key that will fit on it. The lock functionality will remain but the inner mechanisms have changed. A new is now then utilized but, your locks typically are the same. 

Professional locksmiths will replace the inner springs and pins in the cylinder lock. The arrangement of those parts will match the key that will enable it to unlock a door. Rekeying, in short, rearranging those working parts inside the lock cylinder so that the old key will nullify its use. Rekeying is guaranteed to be lower in rates compared to a replacement.

When to rekey?

You lost or misplaced your keys and worried if someone might have gotten them and intruded on your property.

You recently moved into a new home.

Divorce or separation

You have a bunch of keys into your entire property

You have given a key to a third party


Changing locks, on the other hand, is a different approach. This method needs the locks to be physically removed from the door. A locksmith will unscrew the lock, removing the mechanisms and deadbolt. Then it will be replaced with a brand new lock. 

When to replace?

It is best to replace a lock after a break-in where locks are damaged. 

Rusted and old broken locks

You want to upgrade to keyless entry

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