What are the Types of Keys?


Security system plays a vital role in human lives. Keys live over decades. Hence, keys do evolve too. They appear to be handy and technologically advanced now. 

Locksmiths are expert people in analyzing key types. They have a vast knowledge of making a bunch of keys if you misplace or break one. No matter what features or branding your locks are, we have suitable solutions for you. 

Let’s learn about the types of keys that locksmiths will identify for the job.

Residential Keys

The Mechanical cut key applies in residential spaces that utilize a standard lock on their doorknob. These types of keys are what we have commonly seen to be duplicated by a machine. 

Commercial Building Keys

A key card is a type of key commonly seen in hotels, hospitals, banks, and government buildings. The key card has magnetic strips that can be programmed and reprogrammed to lock and unlock a door.

A master key is a type of key used by higher authorities such as school presidents, business owners, and homeowners for convenience. It also provides access to an individual or group of heads. 

Skeleton key- this method is manipulated into a master key. Locksmith uses a key to fit doors.

Car keys

Transponder keys or known as “chip keys” use a microchip to open and lock a car. The button has a radio signal that connects with the system of the vehicle. 

The laser-cut key is also known as a “sidewinder key.” Many transponder keys are made out of laser-cut keys to operate the engine.

The smart car key functions like transponder keys but is even more advanced in features. It can also unlock your car even at a distance.

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