What are Intercoms? Do I Need One for My Business?


Intercoms are devices that allow simultaneous two-way communication, exchanging information via a familiar medium. 

How do intercoms work? 

For an intercom system to work, it must consist of a base station and a substation. The base station must include audio and video input and output devices such as a microphone, a camera, and a speaker. The information captured by the base station then transmits to its substations. These stations can either be connected wirelessly or through a cable. 

Types of Intercoms 

There are various types of intercoms, from wired to wireless, and some of these intercoms are designed for apartment use or commercial use. 

Wireless Intercoms 

This type of intercom usually applies when it is difficult for a building to run wirings and cables around. Examples of these are handheld radios or traditional desktop devices. These intercoms rely on a spectrum, carrying signals for all wireless devices to function. However, wireless intercoms can be interrupted, so if you insist on having a more stable connection, it is best to run a cable or ethernet instead. 

Wired Intercoms 

If you are looking for a more private and safe connection, wired intercoms are what you need. These intercoms are more stable and have less interference than wireless intercoms. 

Audio Intercoms 

These intercoms transmit audio, allowing communication from anyone inside to anyone outside the premises. These are the alternatives if you do not have access to video intercoms. 

Video Intercoms 

A typical video intercom requires a built-in camera, a speaker, and a screen for display. For minimum interference, most video intercom devices come with wires.

Do I need one for my business? 

Intercoms have been the easiest way of communicating with other people. These improve productivity and security in your business. You have the authority over who you allow to go in and out of your premises. Intercoms are more than just in-out office communication. 

Thus, intercoms joined together with a door access system provide a higher security level. That became vital in high-risk areas. It is best to install an intercom system for maximum surveillance to deter unwanted guests in your business office. 

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