How to Remove a Broken Car Key from Ignition?


Just like us, the car also ages by time. Car owners have to maintain it to avoid an accident. A sudden stuck-up key can create a horrible experience and embarrassment. 

In this case, the general reaction is by panicking and worrying. The good news is that the world is now technologically advanced and savvy. Every problem has a corresponding solution. 

Breaking your car keys has numerous reasons. Hence, there are several ways you can try to get out of this stressful event. 

Use a broken key extractor tool

Using a key extractor tool might be a quick remedy. Thus, right after breaking your key, you should ensure that the car engine is off, the emergency brake is on, and the car is well parked. 

Next, apply some lock lubricant into the lock cylinder.

And try sliding the broken key extractor tool in the cylinder of the lock with the hook end and positioned upward.

When will you know that you’ve reached the bottom point when the extractor tool stops?

Steadily pull the extractor tool toward you and try to catch the hook of the extractor tool on a key tooth.

If the part of the broken key comes out of the cylinder, the next thing you have to do is, use needle head pliers to pull the whole key out of the ignition.

Use a jigsaw blade

Using a jigsaw blade method can help you get your broken keys out. You have to spray some lock lubricant into the lock cylinder.

Pull out your hand jigsaw blade and slowly glide it into the lock cylinder.

Once the hand jigsaw blade stops sliding, it tells you that you have reached the end of the lock cylinder.

When you see a small portion of the broken key is up from the key cylinder, you can now use your needle-nose pliers to pull the broken key out.

Call a locksmith

In severe cases, the DIY method won’t take effect in your situation. Then it is best to call the attention of the professionals and stop draining yourself to take it out. A locksmith is the right person to call in times of this occurrence.

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