Common Home Security Mistakes


We invest so much in our homes. Aside from being our comfort zone, it is the place where we keep our valuables and assets. Hence, security is much needed to secure everything around our premises. It is best to check on areas where our home security is at risk. It is crucial to stay protected 24/7 than to regret the damage later.

Every home has a unique layout. But if possible, be mindful of your security system. A faulty and damaged lock can put your property at risk by giving burglars a leeway to break in and rob your belongings. Let’s look at the common home security mistakes so we can assess and evaluate ours. 

Hiding keys outside your homes

Avoid hiding keys on your bush, doormats, and yards. Most people do this practice in case of a lockout. Homeowners do this to ensure a spare key outside their homes. Homeowners must remember that doing this gives convenience to the criminals to break in. Don’t put your extra keys outside your premises.

Scattered valuables jeopardize your security

Scattered- expensive stuff can jeopardize your home security. Windows create a two-way portal that enables you to see who’s outside and who’s inside. Hence, this is common neglect by homeowners. It is best to keep your valuables in a safe place and out of sight of passers-by and strangers. 

Neglecting your security system

A damaged gate or window can be a loophole for robbers to get in without getting caught. Neglecting that tiny fault can cause damage in the future. You should have an expert who can assess your security system from time to time. 

Leaving home without securing your locks

Do not leave your home if you are unsure if you have locked it. Securing your locks is crucial since leaving an unlocked door or window can give access for robbers to break in. 

Telling your space isn’t occupied

Social media is a fantastic platform to inform everyone about your happenings. It is like a megaphone telling everyone about your whereabouts. Do not tell everyone on social media that you are out for vacation. Burglars might take advantage of to sneak into your property. 

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